DIY Tonic Water Brown Bags

DIY Tonic Water Brown Bags
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Enjoy your own Craft-made Tonic Water with Local Spicery’s DIY Tonic Water Brown Bag

Tonic Water dates back to the mid 17th Century when Spanish colonists in Peru discovered that they could treat Malaria using the bark of the Cinchona tree.  By the early 19th Century, Quinine in water was a standard prophylactic against Malaria in Colonial India, where British Nationals found that the bitter flavor of the quinine was more palatable when mixed with sugar, seltzer water, Citrus Juice, and Gin.  Today, a slight bitter flavor from quinine in Tonic water is considered refreshing, and a perfect complement to gin and other spirits. 

This Brown Bag provides you with everything you need to begin making your own distinctive tonic water, including Cinchona Bark, a blend of citrus peels and spices to make an infusion, and Palm Nectar to make a simple syrup (Sugar can also be used, but we like the rich caramel flavor and healthful properties of Palm Nectar).  Combined, the simple syrup and infusion makes a Tonic Syrup that, when combined with club soda, creates your own craft Tonic Water.  Feel free to add to the infusion any combination of citrus juices, zests, or spices to establish the flavor profile that best fits you. 

Local Spicery is proud to offer only the Cinchona Succirubra rather than the more common Cinchona Officinalis.  Cinchona Succirubra delivers greater depth and complexity of flavor than the Officinalis, which has been cultivated by the pharmaceutical industry to provide higher levels of quinine, and less flavor.  Our Cinchona Succirubra is wild harvested in Mexico, and handled with the same standards required for USDA Organic certification.

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